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Hal Rodriguez

CMW 2016 Concert Review: Dead Obies

Experimental hip hop group, Dead Obies, performed their raw brand of rap music at the Great Hall last week during CMW. The group of five MCs and one DJ, delivered a refreshing, hard hitting live sound that had more in common with hardcore and punk than most hip hop artists. Hailing from Quebec, the members, Jo RCA, Yes McCan, Snail Kid, 20some, O.G. Bear, and VNCE, amped up the audience with their tireless energy and anthemic chants on tunes like “Where They @” and “Everyday”. For more on Dead Obies, visit DeadObies.Com and check out CMW.

Hal Rodriguez is a published writer, musician, and music transcriber who has done work for premier guitarists like Oz Noy and Derryl Gabel. He can be contacted at and followed on instagram @halromuso.

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