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Hal Rodriguez

CMW 2016 Concert Review: Stacey Kaniuk

R&B/Pop artist, Stacey Kaniuk, performed at CMW’s “Women in Music” showcase last night at the Supermarket playing an original set of Motown tinged tunes. The effervescent singer demonstrated her deft vocals on her catchy, feel good tunes like, “Heartbeat”, and the attitude laced, “Ain’t Nobody Fallin’ in Love”. On her slow ballad, “Not Quite Lovers”, the Toronto based singer and pianist impassionedly balanced bold, soaring vocals with nuance and depth. For more on Stacey Kaniuk, visit her on Facebook, and check out CMW for more Iive music!

Hal Rodriguez is a published writer, musician, and music transcriber who has done work for premier guitarists like Oz Noy and Derryl Gabel. He can be contacted at and followed on instagram @halromuso.

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